About Me


Hello! I'm Michelle :)

I am a young Latina entrepreneur located in San Francisco California! I am also a full time college student studying Business and Holistic Health looking to become a certified Herbalist! With my crystal shop and my college degree, I am working towards creating a Holistic Health services center in the Los Angeles area. I plan to learn as much as I can about alternative healing methods and make it accessible for as many people as possible :) Ever since I was a child I have collected and loved crystals. I would never come home without a new gem or rock in my pocket! I even remember for one of my birthdays my parents gifted me a box of rocks and a rock tumbler (best gift everrrr). My mom is a professional Holistic Health practitioner so I was raised in the field of alternative practices. My lifelong passion for crystals fueled me to start my own online shop! I have been running Gaias Wellness for almost 2 years now and am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities this has created. I have made so many new connections and have grown (as a person and a business) exponentially! With over 10,000 friends on my TikTok, my shop is only growing more <3 I am so grateful for everyone who supports me